Let this be your ‘Call to Action!’

If you have been reflecting on your career and goals and come to the decision that you want a change in direction for the better – now is the time to take action. If you have followed my journey or that of the other franchisees in the network and have half an understanding of what […]

How to transition from teacher to a freelance earner

Sharon Cawley

How to transition from teacher to a freelance earner. The idea of leaving teaching and becoming your own boss, is often described as stepping off a cliff. If you think the floor will rise to meet you when you step off and the transition from a salary to a freelance, lucrative income will be smooth […]

Why I am looking to go into business with impostors

I understand the concept of ‘impostor syndrome’ and to be frank, the criteria applies to me on many levels. Despite significant evidence to the contrary I am a successful business woman who always feels like, at any given time, someone will come along tap me on the shoulder and asked me to leave the room. […]

Holding back the tide – The Trauma of the Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly

year 6 leavers assembly

Within the last couple of weeks my year 11 son completed his GSCES and my response to him leaving school was “thank god!” As my year 6 daughter prepares to leave her primary school, all I keep saying is “oh my god!” I don’t know whether it is because she is the youngest and this […]

Is Bank Holiday Syndrome a thing?

Is Bank Holiday Syndrome a thing? Never has a 4 day week felt so long!  I have spent the whole of the week a day behind myself and even now I have to focus and stop and think what is the actual day today? Thursday? Friday? It is absolutely disorientating and I don’t like it. I […]

Back off World Book Day – it’s more than just fancy dress

‘World Book Day’ may to some have become a glorified Non School Uniform day but let’s not call for a national boycott just yet. It doesn’t take long for the pitchfork welding nature of social media to capture something in it’s cross hairs and within days turn what was once a really great thing into […]

What I am giving up for Lent- being overly self-conscious with my selfies

I grew up in the age of the photo album. Every family holiday, Christmas, christening; every time our paddling pool was out – is captured in a thick, padded album trapped behind this peeled back, plastic-protected, film.  The 70s and 80s were undoubtedly the ‘Age of the Album’ Hundreds of individual photos, sometimes annotated in […]

There’s never a ‘right’ time to start a business

People always say that starting a small business from scratch is one of the hardest things to do and it is crucial that the timing is right. I chose 2013. Left my teaching job in January 2013 to run a family Farm Shop with my husband and two children James, then aged 9 and Eleanor […]