Why I am looking to go into business with impostors

I understand the concept of ‘impostor syndrome’ and to be frank, the criteria applies to me on many levels. Despite significant evidence to the contrary I am a successful business woman who always feels like, at any given time, someone will come along tap me on the shoulder and asked me to leave the room. It is that mindset, in my opinion, that is one of the significant contributory factors to my success.

I actually think people who struggle with impostor syndrome make the greatest assets. Think about it. We are successful – we just don’t think we are and as a result we have all the characteristics that make us great. This is what makes us great business partners.

We listen

Anyone struggling with impostor syndrome automatically feels as though everybody in the room knows more than them. Therefore, someone with impostor syndrome will listen. They don’t feel the need to be the one doing all the talking; giving the advice and basically lauding over others as to how great they are. The person with impostor syndrome soaks in information and applies what they need.

We are grateful

Based on the fact that we feel we are on the point of being asked to leave the party, the very fact I am sat in a networking meeting, a business function or any office in particular, I am always sat with an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for every single aspect of my working day, sets my emotional pathway in a very healthy place.I am rarely resentful, annoyed can often be frustrated but generally I am thankful to people around me who are working for me and with me as I need all the help I can get.

We get the best out of others

When working with others my impostor syndrome ensures that I am always the first to believe that I know the least and need help. This is often not the case but in my experience this belief always puts other people at their ease. It enables the people around me to feel comfortable and confident in what they do. As a result they perform better than they would sat in a room with somebody who they feel is judging them, knows more than them and is better than them.

We are always humble

Humility is a good attitude to be around. Arrogance, overtly self-confidence and brashness are characteristics that repel me and I find less likely to attract business.

We are not the completed article

Business people who have impostor syndrome are constantly striving to self improve. We know what we don’t know and are open and honest about it. That is what makes us great, we are a work in progress and we know it. We share that level of honesty of the people around us and they in turn step up and we work together cohesively and comfortably to provide the very best outcome.

Having left the classroom after 27 years, I built up tuition business based in the North West of England that yielded great success. The expansion of the business has now come through franchising and we are currently in Cheshire, the Wirral, Manchester and the Midlands. Catch me unawares and ask me what I do for a living and I will tell you quite honestly, “Me? I am an English teacher!”

I am looking for people with impostor syndrome, I am actively looking for people who are not the completed article, I am actively looking to go into business with people who feel that they are not quite there I need to work around a team of people who get that.

Becoming a Director of your own company isn’t easy and surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is crucial.

Of course we know what we’re doing, of course we are successful, of course we have a tried and tested business model that proves it. But going to the office every day and feeling humble, grateful and need of guidance and support is always the best way to start your day.

If you would be interested in joining our team have a look at our website and contact me for a chat about how we could help you start your business.


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