Let this be your ‘Call to Action!’

Conexus Decision

  If the current lockdown has afforded you the time to sit and reflect and come to the decision that you do not want to return to your life before – now is the time to take action. If you have followed my journey or that of the other franchisees in the network and have […]

It is not your job to homeschool! Parents- back away from the blackboard.

Since Boris Johnson announced that all schools in the UK are to close, one of the most high frequency vocabulary words that has been banded around on social media has been that of ‘homeschooling.’ There have been posts from parents, there have been memes, threads and hilarious photographs with parents who have been attempting to […]

Kids go free at Art of the Brick Lego exhibition in Manchester this February

Kids go free at Art of the Brick Lego exhibition in Manchester If you didn’t already know, there’s a huge LEGO exhibition on in Manchester at the moment that features almost 100 pieces of artwork and over 1 million bricks. The Art of the Brick, a globally renowned touring exhibition, came to Manchester at the […]

Study and Revision – these are not the same thing

I don’t actually want to hear the word ‘revision’ until at least April next year. If you are a child embarking upon your GCSEs; if you are a parent desperately trying to support them through this process, can we have an agreement that the word revision will not come into play until the actual study […]

The End is in Sight

The six week holidays – nearly over! I have yet to fully understand the significance of why, in 2019, we still adhere to an academic school calendar that appears to be structured around the exploitation of child labour within the agricultural industry.  Six weeks summer holidays so that the children of farmers can help with […]

GCSE Results – Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Conexus Decision

Let’s do worst case scenario. Thursday morning arrives and the envelope or the email containing your GCSE results is the biggest shock you have received in your life and the numbers staring back at you bear no resemblance to the grades you need to progress you to the next level of your journey. Blind panic […]

Don’t get me started on the Secret Examiner’s ‘Whistle Blowing’

GCSE Whistleblower

Don’t get me started on how angry I am at the so called ‘whistle blower’ and the timing of their decision to tweet their concerns as an exam marker. In true Paper 2, question 5 style or Speaking and Listening topic – I feel the need to respond to the recent furore regarding the so […]