Let this be your ‘Call to Action!’

If you have been reflecting on your career and goals and come to the decision that you want a change in direction for the better – now is the time to take action.

If you have followed my journey or that of the other franchisees in the network and have half an understanding of what is involved in running your own Conexus Tuition and it excites you, now is the time to take action!

I talk to people all the time who tell me that they had toyed with the idea of contacting me:

They have looked at the story as inspirational.

They wish could do it for themselves.

They really just don’t think they have the money to do this at the time.

Or they can’t understand how they can do this and keep their job!

They are who I am trying to reach.

So if this is you…

Work out what is your barrier for contacting me.  What is the rub that is stopping you asking the question?

 What do I mean by take action?

– by action I don’t mean make a life changing decision.

– by action I don’t mean commit to anything that makes you feel uneasy.

And by action I don’t mean put yourself or your family at financial risk.

This is what I mean by take action is …

1. Send me a message that says … (please feel free to copy and paste!)

I am interested in running my own Conexus but don’t really understand the process. Can you ring me but with the understanding that this is an enquiry?

2. Here is my email address can you send me more information….

Then can you call me on-

3. Sharon, I have wanted to do this for ages but don’t think I have the money, can you walk me through the payment plan you have in mind to help me do this.

Make this the piece of information the one that directly resulted in that call to action.

Let this be the post that you refer to in years to come, when you say …I remember reading your call to action post and that was the moment that changed everything!

Let today be the day that make the one move to changing your path.

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