Your child and tutoring – how to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes please!’

Over the last 20 years as a teacher, one thing has been consistent, children and young people often fear tutoring. Although reasons for this can be varied, the main objections are as follows:

  • Too tired after school
  • Do not want a ‘stranger’ in their home.
  • Not sure if tutoring will help them.
  • Do not want to feel ‘under the spotlight’ or pressured by tuition.

Top Tips

At Conexus Tuition we understand that children and young people can be reluctant even when their parents and carers are clear about the obvious benefits! Here are our top tips for parents/carers to use in discussion with their children about accepting tuition support:

  1. Include them in the conversation. Young people often feel they do not have a voice – discussion how and why tutoring can help them not just with grades but also with confidence can be helpful.
  • Think about how they work best. If a child has a busy day, they may not want to attend tutoring; try to choose a day of their week where there is less pressure.
  • Explain it is not a ‘forever’ situation! Tutoring can be a fantastic resource when targeted over a number of weeks; agree a timeline with your child so that they can understand how additional focus can support a specific subject area, then review their progress.
  • Find an environment where they feel comfortable. If your child prefers to keep ‘school’ and ‘home’ separate, then they are not going to feel happy about a tutor coming to their kitchen table. Tutoring time needs to work around the family too.

Building confidence

Finally, remind your child tutoring is not a punishment. Tutoring should be an enjoyable experience which also enhances your child’s confidence; they should feel part of the learning experience.

At Conexus Tuition we offer small group sessions in local centres. This means our students do not feel they are the only one who is receiving tuition. Working in a centre also means that there is no one sitting at your kitchen table whilst you are trying to cook the tea or sort out family life.

Meeting the needs of our students

Our tutors do not teach to a fixed scheme of work so we can literally pivot on the spot to meet the specific needs of our students, we can focus on exam techniques and building confidence.

Conexus Tuition is sustainable.

Tutoring that is focussed and supportive can make a substantial difference to a child’s life chances; at Conexus Tuition, we know more than anything else that the fuel that drives progress is about nurturing positive working relationships. When your child is ready to accept help and support, learning becomes sustainable. Building confidence, self-belief means children discover their own potential and realise that they can go even further than they thought possible!

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