How many “Power and Conflict” poems can you spot hidden in the text? There are 15 to find.

power and conflict anthology

Here goes…

Some advice for all you students of AQA English and not just those in London. All that remains to be said is now that year 11 is drawing to an end, grab a tissue and get emotional remembering all the good times.

Don’t go into Kamikaze mode and do daft things like burn your notes and books. I am constantly checking out me history notes as I go through life as you never know when you might need to reference what year the Charge of the Light Brigade was or who was the latest king or last Duchess.

Focus on the positives not the conflict, that’s where the power is.

Think about the prom for example not being bitter about school, feeling like you’re were at war. Photographer, dress, limo – exposure to the positive aspects of year 11 that’s where the power is.

Remember, this is not the end of your life but just an extract from the prelude of a bigger journey. Often things seem to be bigger than they actually are and simply a ripple in life not a storm. On the island you may feel you are on at the moment, it is actually a beautiful place.

Find the time to now to appreciate the finer things in life; smell the roses, pick the poppies; explore different cultures maybe as an emigree to a foreign land and go in peace not as if you have to be armed with a bayonet.

Charge your glasses and rejoice that you have made amazing memories and friends along the way. Go forth in life and in the spirit of an old mythical character called Ozymandias – look on your works, be mighty and don’t despair.

School was an anthology of phenomenal times and take pride in the fact that only the chosen few will appreciate the true meaning of this message and you are one of them.

Please share with the chosen few who will read this with a smile.

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