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End to a wonderful week of learning, this text, in particular, made my heart sing. I am grateful to this particular mum for allowing me to share this. I loved exams and sometimes forget how our young people really struggle.

Thank you to the Lymm Mum who made my day.

I just wanted to say thank you. I spoke to you on Christmas Eve about my daughter and how nervous she is and the state she gets herself in where exams are concerned. She went to bed the night before the exam absolutely buzzing something I’ve never seen before, normally it’s vomiting crying and not being able to sleep.

You will never know how it made me feel that night and if she came out with a low score I didn’t care because the change in her is all I ever wanted.

But she did really well the only thing she felt let her down was the multiple choice but saying that she came out with 75% which was an 8 and she was over the moon.

If you are doing anymore master classes for yr 9 towards the end of the year she will definitely be there and then come year 10 she said she would like to start every week. So many thanks again.”

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  1. I’m a maths teacher with 21 yrs teaching experience. Also MHFA youth trained.

    I’m looking for tutoring opportunities in the Birmingham and Warwickshire area started after April

  2. I am a qualified primary teacher with QTS.

    I am also a MHFA.

    I am looking for primary tutoring opportunities in the Birmingham area to tutor English or Maths (KS1+KS2).

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