These GCSEs Wont Pass Themselves

Why Won’t My Year 11 Son Realise GSCE Won’t Pass Themselves? I first did my GCSEs in 1988, yes, the very first year they were introduced and historically the year ‘they gave out grade A’s like advice at a wedding’ and I achieved, if I say so myself, very good, solid A*-Cs and the whole […]

Find a Job You Love

End to a wonderful week of learning, this text, in particular, made my heart sing. I am grateful to this particular mum for allowing me to share this. I loved exams and sometimes forget how our young people really struggle. Thank you to the Lymm Mum who made my day. I just wanted to say […]

Angus – The Origin of Our Online Portal

Half-term Musings It is seven years since I began Conexus Tuition and I always believe in reflecting upon the early days with gratitude and appreciation of have far we have come. One of the very first pupils through the door was Angus from Lymm High. Angus was fabulous, extremely bright, ambitious and just a joy […]

Study or Revision? What am I actually nagging my child to do?

The Battle of Half-Term   ‘Study’ vs ‘Revision’. Do we understand what we are actually nagging our children to do? As a teacher with over 25 years service; as the Principal Director of my own tuition company and as a tutor to many young GCSE students, I welcomed the thought of actually guiding my own son […]

Welcome to Conexus Tuition!

Welcome to Conexus Tuition, we were established in 2013 and we deliver small-group tuition to hundreds of young people in the UK with ever-expanding venues and sessions. We are a team of highly experienced teachers who work with young people. We offer exam-focused sessions, tailored to support the work that takes place within school. If […]