Let this be your ‘Call to Action!’

If you have been reflecting on your career and goals and come to the decision that you want a change in direction for the better – now is the time to take action. If you have followed my journey or that of the other franchisees in the network and have half an understanding of what […]

How to transition from teacher to a freelance earner

Sharon Cawley

How to transition from teacher to a freelance earner. The idea of leaving teaching and becoming your own boss, is often described as stepping off a cliff. If you think the floor will rise to meet you when you step off and the transition from a salary to a freelance, lucrative income will be smooth […]

Why I am looking to go into business with impostors

I understand the concept of ‘impostor syndrome’ and to be frank, the criteria applies to me on many levels. Despite significant evidence to the contrary I am a successful business woman who always feels like, at any given time, someone will come along tap me on the shoulder and asked me to leave the room. […]

There’s never a ‘right’ time to start a business

People always say that starting a small business from scratch is one of the hardest things to do and it is crucial that the timing is right. I chose 2013. Left my teaching job in January 2013 to run a family Farm Shop with my husband and two children James, then aged 9 and Eleanor […]

Find a Job You Love

End to a wonderful week of learning, this text, in particular, made my heart sing. I am grateful to this particular mum for allowing me to share this. I loved exams and sometimes forget how our young people really struggle. Thank you to the Lymm Mum who made my day. I just wanted to say […]

Angus – The Origin of Our Online Portal

Half-term Musings It is seven years since I began Conexus Tuition and I always believe in reflecting upon the early days with gratitude and appreciation of have far we have come. One of the very first pupils through the door was Angus from Lymm High. Angus was fabulous, extremely bright, ambitious and just a joy […]