When is the right time to find a tutor for your child?

When Is the Right Time to Get Tuition for Your Child? In the quest to support our children’s educational journeys, there comes a point when additional help outside the classroom may become necessary. Tuition can play a pivotal role in helping children overcome academic challenges and excel. But the question remains: when is it the […]

Unlocking Success: The Best Revision Websites for English, Maths, and Science

In the quest for academic excellence, finding the right resources can transform a daunting revision schedule into a pathway to confidence and success. At Conexus Tuition Wistaston, we’re not just about guiding our students through their academic journeys; we’re about empowering them with the tools they need to excel. This week, we’ve decided to lift […]

Why we believe in the power or small group tuition

Small group tuition is a highly effective method of helping children to catch up in areas where they may have fallen behind, to consolidate key skills, or to extend their knowledge and understanding, in an environment that nevertheless allows them to collaborate with others, gain independence, and have the opportunity to practise skills and, crucially, […]

Study and Revision – these are not the same thing

I don’t actually want to hear the word ‘revision’ until at least April next year. If you are a child embarking upon your GCSEs; if you are a parent desperately trying to support them through this process, can we have an agreement that the word revision will not come into play until the actual study […]

The End is in Sight

The six week holidays – nearly over! I have yet to fully understand the significance of why, in 2019, we still adhere to an academic school calendar that appears to be structured around the exploitation of child labour within the agricultural industry.  Six weeks summer holidays so that the children of farmers can help with […]

GCSE Results – Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Conexus Decision

Let’s do worst case scenario. Thursday morning arrives and the envelope or the email containing your GCSE results is the biggest shock you have received in your life and the numbers staring back at you bear no resemblance to the grades you need to progress you to the next level of your journey. Blind panic […]

Why don’t we have Study Leave any more?

study leave

I try to keep pretty neutral in my role as Director of a tuition company.  We work in multiple catchment areas, serving many schools so I am fortunate in being able to gather a cross section of feedback regarding most educational practices. I try to please all of the people, all of the time. Parents, pupils, […]

GCSEs – Half-term and half way there.

This half-term break, signals the half way stage of the GSCEs. Despite it manifesting differently for most, the run up has undoubtedly been the most stressful period in my relationship with my son. Yet, I must say, the build up was worse than the actual exams themselves. Once they got started and the momentum kicked in; […]

Why I can’t move on from “Of Mice and Men”

of mice and men

May 2016 and I returned my copy of “Of Mice and Men” to the shelf and there it has stayed gathering dust. This was as a result of one of the biggest shake ups the GCSEs had seen since their introduction in 1988. We are all aware of Gove’s changes: removing the coursework component; favouring […]