When is the right time to find a tutor for your child?

When Is the Right Time to Get Tuition for Your Child? In the quest to support our children’s educational journeys, there comes a point when additional help outside the classroom may become necessary. Tuition can play a pivotal role in helping children overcome academic challenges and excel. But the question remains: when is it the […]

Holding back the tide – The Trauma of the Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly

year 6 leavers assembly

Within the last couple of weeks my year 11 son completed his GSCES and my response to him leaving school was “thank god!” As my year 6 daughter prepares to leave her primary school, all I keep saying is “oh my god!” I don’t know whether it is because she is the youngest and this […]

Is Bank Holiday Syndrome a thing?

Is Bank Holiday Syndrome a thing? Never has a 4 day week felt so long!  I have spent the whole of the week a day behind myself and even now I have to focus and stop and think what is the actual day today? Thursday? Friday? It is absolutely disorientating and I don’t like it. I […]

Back off World Book Day – it’s more than just fancy dress

‘World Book Day’ may to some have become a glorified Non School Uniform day but let’s not call for a national boycott just yet. It doesn’t take long for the pitchfork welding nature of social media to capture something in it’s cross hairs and within days turn what was once a really great thing into […]

What I am giving up for Lent- being overly self-conscious with my selfies

I grew up in the age of the photo album. Every family holiday, Christmas, christening; every time our paddling pool was out – is captured in a thick, padded album trapped behind this peeled back, plastic-protected, film.  The 70s and 80s were undoubtedly the ‘Age of the Album’ Hundreds of individual photos, sometimes annotated in […]

The Jekyll and Hyde Teenagers Addicted to Online Gaming

When parents of teenage boys congregate invariably the conversation will turn to online gaming and they will venture that their son is “addicted” to gaming and they can’t ‘get him off the xbox.’  We shrug, roll our eyes in agreement and sympathetically say, ‘I know exactly what you mean.’   What we don’t often share […]

Private Tuition – the moral dilemma

The ‘moral dilemma’ of hiring a tutor and why this remains a subject that can divide a room. ‘Tuition’, ‘Private Tuition’, ‘Tutoring’ has, in the main, been a topic that raises strong opinions from adults, parents, teachers and anyone that feels the need to add their two penn’orth. It is a service industry that provides […]