Secondary (Year 7-9) Tuition

If your child is in lower school, Years 7 to 9, the chances are that there are gaps in learning as a result of the disruption from Covid-19.

As such these particular year groups can often be known as the forgotten years, Year 6 and Year 11 can often take priority.

We are very keen at Conexus Tuition to ‘Bridge the Gap’ from primary to secondary school. When pupils move from their primary school and merge into secondary schools it is not uncommon for there to be a loss of confidence or a deficit in skills. Children will dip and they may also lose their enthusiasm for school.

We like to offer a range of tuition at this point. In the first instance we can support the curriculum gaps from school; cover the work that they are doing in class or we can revisit the areas that they have missed. We can work with them in an environment of high energy and praise.

Telling us about your child is the most important way we can help. Tuition at this age is not a one size fits all and we offer small-groups and 1-2-1. We are online and face to face and work with parents like yourself to avoid the battle-ground that becomes homework and study!