Primary Tuition

Our tuition is for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils and it is never too early nor too late to look at intervention for a primary school child.

There can be many reasons why tuition is needed at this stage in a child’s educational journey.

Gaps in learning, moving at a slower pace than classmates is so common at this age and not a worry. The current climate in education means that our young people are all at different stages in their learning and we are here to help.

A tutor can revisit and embed the basics.  A great tutor allows your child to set the pace.

Typically, a child at this stage will need a plan which revisits the core foundations of literacy and numeracy; handwriting, spellings and phonics.

Something as simple and as fundamental as mastering the times-tables can unlock a world of skills in numeracy that will propel your child into a whole new level of understanding. 

Some parents opt for a tutor to accelerate learning and it is not uncommon for academically gifted children to have a tutor to work with them at an advanced level to maintain the thirst for learning.

Finding the right tutor has never been more important than at this stage. Our primary teams are vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic with a genuine love of teaching.  Your child may have a life-long relationship with tutors and it is so crucial to get it right for the outset.

You can opt for an hour or literacy or numeracy.  You can have half an hour of each!  We work with what is right for your child.