A Level Tuition

Our most successful approaches to A level tuition have been our ‘Bridging the Gap’ sessions with year 12.  There can be huge gaps in learning between year 11 and year 12 and the leap for GCSE to A level can often leave young people floundering.

A level is the point when your child chooses the areas they really enjoy studying.  What can be difficult however, is making the transition from one syllabus to another and this is where tuition can be a good hand-hold to avoid a loss of confidence.  An A level class can be mixed ability.  In the class there can be pupils who reached 9s at GCSE and those who achieved 6s and that can be quite a range and this is where confidence can be lost and you child starts to feel under pressure.

Year 13, the final year is a time of immense pressure and even though your child may be only studying three subjects, the content and pace can be overwhelming. We find that often our A level students have fragile emotional resilience to learning and can be our most vulnerable when it comes to the pressure that University places bring.