11+ and Entrance Exams

We serve areas in which entrance to Grammar School and Independent Schools are an option for many parents. This route is one that requires a great deal of consideration and guidance.   If this is your first time considering this route then the uncharted nature of this journey requires advice.

The 11+ and Entrance Exams are so specific to your required school and here this is where our teams of experts can help you to make some sensible choices and avoid unnecessary pitfalls along the way.

The 11+ is in essence designed to be ‘tutor-proof’ and at Conexus we understand that this is the case but what we can do is familiarise your child with the format and typical types of questions that are on the test.

At Conexus Tuition we have a wealth of resources and a curriculum designed to cover the requirements of the 11+.  These are bespoke lessons for your child and additional support packs for home learning and practice

Our tutors are highly experienced and understand the balance between the academic preparation and emotional support needed at such a crucial time.

We cater for Year 4 and Year 5 cohorts of pupils accordingly and have a consultation with you as parents before we commence a programme of study.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to the 11+