1-2-1 Tuition

At Conexus Tuition we can place your child with the tutor that is right for you.  We have a wealth of tutors who work with us and can offer online and face to face provision.

Finding the right tutor underpins the success of your child and we work with you to ensure that we have found the best fit.

A telephone consultation with one of our Principal Directors will help ascertain the best way forward. 1-2-1 can always be a good starting point to build a child’s confidence and then from there we can work with you both to build upon this.

What we always find useful is if you can provide for us as much information as possible.  If you are inquiring about tuition then it is good to think about why you feel the need for intervention. 

If you are looking for GCSE tuition

Do you have a copy of the test? Additionally, what is your child’s predicted grade for GCSE and what is their current attainment?

What advice has your child’s teacher given?  Is this exam technique; lack of engagement or gaps in learning?

Is this a dip in confidence?  Are they comparing themselves unfavourably to their peers?  

All of these reasons can contribute to the need for a tutor.

Looking for 1-2-1 with your child if they are in lower school (Year 7-9)?

This is the cohort of our pupils who have the most varied range of needs and there is not a one size fits all. Children in Key Stage 3 develop at different rates and hormones are beginning to come into force.

Has Tik Tok taken over your house? Has your child retreated to their bedroom and is staging a ‘sit-in’?

This can be the stage in a young person’s journey that the battle of homework begins and their social life goes online with Tik Tok and gaming.  In our experience, as parents we know that they are falling behind but can’t quite put our finger in the problem.

We haven’t seen them pick up a reading book since year 6!

Their handwriting has deteriorated and the love of learning is wavering – this is when a tutor can prevent a decline in progress and keep things ticking over till the GCSEs start.  The teenage years can, in themselves, be the reason why we need to keep the impetus.

Why a primary school pupil may need a tutor but why it is so important to get it right.

Looking for a primary school tutor has become one of our biggest demands since the disruption to learning from the recent pandemic.  The range of needs that have to be met with a younger pupil is again varied.

Why we think this stage is so important -if this is the first time with a tutor we have to get it right.

We need to ensure the experience is one that provides a memory for the youngster  that tuition is a solution not a problem.

There are many reasons why tuition is needed and having the individual tutor giving the individual attention provides the desired impact for all.