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Helping teachers and TAs build a life of purpose and balance.

I started teaching in 1994 and by 2012 I ‘haemorrhaged’ out of the classroom, a shadow of my former self. An English teacher, living in the northwest of England, I had two young children and was struggling to find my direction.


Like you, I was wrangling with the desire to fulfil my purpose, the vocational calling that is teaching whilst at the same time the need to achieve a sense of balance and perspective, so that I could be present for my children and build a life I love.


So, in 2012, with a firm belief in the demand for quality, teacher-led tuition, I began to build a business from my kitchen table. It is a business I have grown, scaled and successfully replicated with franchisees across the Conexus Tuition network.


To discover more about Conexus Tuition, hear from our existing franchisees and download our prospectus, visit our dedicated Conexus Tuition Franchising site.

Sharon Cawley

CEO and Founder

At Conexus Tuition Franchising we are passionate about empowering teachers and TAs to join our network and become part of our vision to be the UK leading tuition provider for all young people.