Practice Papers

Mock Exams and Practice Papers
If your child were to sit their GCSE exam right now – What mark would they get?

Oh, to have that crystal ball!

Children do sit a series of mock exams at school which can act as guide at this stage and give an indication of how far off their target grades they are. But imagine sending your child on a Saturday afternoon for approx. one and half hours and within 14 days, receive an accurate grade as to how your child performed in their exam.

Here at Conexus Tuition Practice Papers you can conveniently book your child into a practice paper at a venue local to you.

Why not experience the GCSE as if it was the summer –  leave nothing to chance? Here at Conexus Tuition Practice Papers you can conveniently book your child into a practice paper at a venue local to you.

But they do mocks at school!

We know that schools do mocks, and these are extremely valuable as an exercise but often we find that some schools:

  • Don’t return the papers to children – just tell them their marks
  • Don’t give extensive written feedback on how to move up a level
  • Don’t give them any marks nor feedback until weeks after the mock
  • Don’t do it frequently enough
  • Don’t use exam markers to mark the tests independently
What we do is:
  • Use a team of current GCSE markers and examiners
  • Provide an accurate examination grade for your child
  • Return your child’s paper within a maximum of 14 working days
  • Give the paper back, clear with annotations and extensive feedback
  • Give verbal feedback from our Principal via a follow up call
  • Create original exam papers bespoke to your child’s examination board
  • Set an introductory price point of £25 per paper which is affordable
  • Offer discount to existing Conexus Tuition pupils
  • Offer discounts for multiple and future bookings

Why Practice Makes Perfect

In 1989 I failed my first driving test and was dumbfounded as my Dad had taught me how to drive.  What later transpired was that whilst he had taught me to drive, he hadn’t taught me how to pass my test.

One swift phone call to a local driving instructor and I was no longer driving around the streets of St Helens but continuously reversing around a corner and practising an emergency stop. I was practising and mastering the skills to pass a test, not learn how to drive.  

With that clearly in mind that is what we believe GCSE candidates should be doing in the run up to the exam. Practising the exams as often as possible.