National Tutoring Programme

At Conexus Tuition, we are proud to be entering our fourth year as an Approved Tuition Partner.

Our unique and highly bespoke approach builds confidence and self belief in the young people with whom our tutors work.

Who are we?

Conexus Tuition was established in 2013 to offer exam focused tuition for young people. Such was the success of the model that it is now a UK wide company. Through our work within our communities and with schools, we have delivered tuition to over 15000 students to date.

  • Our Project Managers are all former teachers with middle or senior leadership experience – we know and understand the demands of school life.
  • We have a proven track record of success and impact through our work with the NTP from 2020 to date.
  • Feedback from our schools and students is consistently excellent.
  • All tutors are subject to robust Safer Recruitment processes.
  • Our tutors hold QTS and are experienced teachers / tutors in their subject area,  with exam marking experience and/or middle/senior leadership experience in UK schools.

What do we do?

At Conexus, we bridge the gaps in students’ learning and understanding, through personalised tuition that equips them with the tools and strategies that help them to achieve success in their studies.  We equip young people so that they know how to get the best results  in any school or exam situation, through flexible, dynamic tutoring that is able to pivot to meet the needs of the individual. We deliver quick, confidence boosting wins that unlock potential and motivates students to go on to achieve more.

How can we help?

  • Supporting schools to achieve the best value and impact possible with tuition funding.
  • Attendance Data Reporting.
  • Planning and developing bespoke, flexible tuition packages led by the needs of the students.
  • Planning and deploying assessments strategically within tuition packages to support impact reviews.
  • Support with communication to key stakeholders about the benefits and impact of tuition.
  •  Face to Face or Online options

What subjects and stages do we offer?

What types of schools can we work with?

Group Sizes

Delivery Method

NTP Tuition Provision Calculator 

Discover the power of our tuition calculator!

Easily model your school’s NTP provision and unlock the full reach of your NTP subsidy for maximum student impact and progress.

Simply input the amount of NTP subsidy you plan to use and the desired total hours of tuition per student.

Our calculator will instantly determine the number of tuition groups you can run and the maximum number of students your provision can reach.

We’ll then email you with an illustrative calculation, modelling the different NTP packages available to you and their pricing, so that you can choose the package that offers the best value and impact for your school and students.  

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