Is Bank Holiday Syndrome a thing?

Is Bank Holiday Syndrome a thing?

Never has a 4 day week felt so long!  I have spent the whole of the week a day behind myself and even now I have to focus and stop and think what is the actual day today? Thursday? Friday? It is absolutely disorientating and I don’t like it.

I have spent the whole week a day behind myself constantly checking my phone to clarify what the actual ‘day today is’ and even then questioning it!

Additionally,  I have never felt more tired after my additional day of rest.  Going back to work on Tuesday felt like I had landed after a long haul flight, jet lagged and unwashed; straight into work. That feeling hasn’t left quite yet.  I have had to have an early night all week; fell asleep during the Real Housewives of Cheshire – physically exhausted.  

1997, I could go out Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday; drink my own body weight in WKD and Aftershock, feel a little under par Monday morning but right as rain after a bacon barm by break time!  These days a Bank Holiday has done me.

What’s more I don’t even know why we have them.

In my home town every single High Street bank has been shutdown and turned into either a tattoo parlour or a coffee shop. My bank has a call centre somewhere in the middle-east that’s open 24/7 and on Monday, the Bank Holiday, I did my online banking anyway! It’s madness…

We’ve another one looming on the 6th May! I can only imagine the carnage that is going to create, I’ll be in bed Tuesday 7th at 9pm, waking up sat in the hairdressers for an appointment that’s not until tomorrow and ironically, I’ll be spending the bank holiday catching up on my banking.

(Just as a footnote, if this government even thinks of removing my right to have my Bank Holidays, I will be up in arms and starting my own on-line petition and Just Giving page!)

So happy Friday or Thurdsay or whatever the day today is? 


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