GCSEs – Half-term and half way there.

This half-term break, signals the half way stage of the GSCEs. Despite it manifesting differently for most, the run up has undoubtedly been the most stressful period in my relationship with my son.

Yet, I must say, the build up was worse than the actual exams themselves. Once they got started and the momentum kicked in; he self motivated and studied; was up and showered without the usual death threats and generally has been more living and demonstrative than ever.  

Yes, he is physically exhausted and sleeps like he has been anthesyhatised, he is eating massive amounts of food but on the whole he is happy.

He thinks the exams have gone well which has added to the momentum, English Literature was a gift; he is an able mathematician and scientist so he loved them and apart from the odd issue with history – we are doing ok! 

Finally, after sixteen years he has  willingly used guided meditation and I know he has used this one a few times. https://youtu.be/AtF0T2fPvGSDe

This time I think it is me who is struggling. My nostalgia is in over drive. Every time I iron a shirt; drop him at school; pick up a book in his room, I get the “it’s the end of an era” feeling and relive his school life all over again whilst clutching a wet towel!

Anyway, it’s the Friday before the half term, a ‘no exam day’ and he has the beauty of study leave. He has agreed without cash payment up front, to come for lunch with me and his nan (whom he would walk over hot coals for anyway!) I might push my luck and see if he will get his hair cut but I am realistic.

We’re at the half way mark and we’re winning and I am very grateful.

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