meet the principal

Shane Stark

Hi Parents,

I have never known such a fast-paced change, but it has been great watching my twin boys get back to their routine (and allowing me to get back to my routine).

The most common reason parents choose a tutor is to give their children help to catch up in class, to learn additional subjects or to give their child the attention that is just not possible in a busy school environment. The benefits of a tutor cannot be denied!

Tuition from a private tutor can boost your child’s confidence and motivate extra interest in a subject.

A tutor can also help develop both study skills, and the discipline required for helpful study that can then be applied to any other subject.

With that in mind we now expect an influx of new learners that are wanting to take up some extra tuition which is why we are opening Conexus Tuition in Telford.

Our small group tuition costs as little as £22 per hour and up to a maximum of £32 for two hours and will cover English, Maths, and Science.

We work alongside your child’s school curriculum and help fill in any gaps within the learning that these uncertain times put us in.

If you are looking to help your son or daughter excel in their education or simply seek some advice on how to improve GCSE performance then please feel free to email me at