Peterborough South

meet the principal

Leanne McGuire

Welcome to Conexus Tuition, Peterborough South.

Lately, things have been very busy! We have been setting up the business, ready to launch. We have got our business pages up and running, with key information. We have also contacted schools, so they are aware of the services we offer in the local area.

Unfortunately, due to lockdown we have not been able to get started in schools just yet. We are however, in the process of promoting our services with schools local to us in Peterborough South and Cambridge West.

I have a team of outstanding trained teachers, ready to deliver outstanding provision online. With our passion for learning, we will not let COVID disrupt or pupils’ learning any further. In running this franchise, I want to ensure all pupils can get over any barriers to learning, through individualised feedback. However, we understand that some pupils may get anxiety from certain topics, due to low confidence. We work to build up pupil’s confidence, so they feel able to face their toughest subject, and combined with our specialist knowledge in the curriculum, raise attainment.

Feel free to email me on or phone on 07395051698 for any further information.

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