Department for Education to reward GCSE grades with cash payments for Year 11s

In an attempt to boost the ever decreasing progress measures of our young people, the government are now rewarding personal achievements at GCSE with cash payments.

Pupils who achieve a Grade 9 in any subject, except PE, will recieved £20 in financial remuneration.

An 8 is valued at £15, 7 is £10 and 6s are now worth a fiver.

This is welcomed news for many schools across the country and for many parents.

Jane Stewart, whose son is currently in Year 11 said

“This is exactly the kind of thing he needs to encourage him to revise. I devised a reward chart for him last week, he could earn gold stars like he did when he was five and wouldn’t clean his teeth. He told me to ‘get a life.’ Now the government are paying him to sit his GCSEs, that’s great news.”

Teachers are also pleased, Steve Lewis, Head of English believes it to be completely the right thing to do.

“Students should be paid for all their hard work, they are an absolute joy to be with in the classroom, well done to the government. With all this confusion about Europe, I am pleased they have found the time to think of the year 11s and this will definitely help towards the cost of the prom packages.”

So, if a pupil is sitting 9 GCSEs he/she could potentially earn up to £180 this year.

Lewis Steven a year 11 from the north-west said

“Yeah, I heard about this in class last week and I really can’t be arsed, me mum’ll pay for me prom anyway.”

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  1. Not PE , what about those students what Excell themselves in PE and find it one of those fravorite subject

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