Kids go free at Art of the Brick Lego exhibition in Manchester this February

Kids go free at Art of the Brick Lego exhibition in Manchester If you didn’t already know, there’s a huge LEGO exhibition on in Manchester at the moment that features almost 100 pieces of artwork and over 1 million bricks. The Art of the Brick, a globally renowned touring exhibition, came to Manchester at the […]

Don’t get me started on the Secret Examiner’s ‘Whistle Blowing’

GCSE Whistleblower

Don’t get me started on how angry I am at the so called ‘whistle blower’ and the timing of their decision to tweet their concerns as an exam marker. In true Paper 2, question 5 style or Speaking and Listening topic – I feel the need to respond to the recent furore regarding the so […]

Holding back the tide – The Trauma of the Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly

year 6 leavers assembly

Within the last couple of weeks my year 11 son completed his GSCES and my response to him leaving school was “thank god!” As my year 6 daughter prepares to leave her primary school, all I keep saying is “oh my god!” I don’t know whether it is because she is the youngest and this […]

Why don’t we have Study Leave any more?

study leave

I try to keep pretty neutral in my role as Director of a tuition company.  We work in multiple catchment areas, serving many schools so I am fortunate in being able to gather a cross section of feedback regarding most educational practices. I try to please all of the people, all of the time. Parents, pupils, […]

GCSEs – Half-term and half way there.

This half-term break, signals the half way stage of the GSCEs. Despite it manifesting differently for most, the run up has undoubtedly been the most stressful period in my relationship with my son. Yet, I must say, the build up was worse than the actual exams themselves. Once they got started and the momentum kicked in; […]

Why I can’t move on from “Of Mice and Men”

of mice and men

May 2016 and I returned my copy of “Of Mice and Men” to the shelf and there it has stayed gathering dust. This was as a result of one of the biggest shake ups the GCSEs had seen since their introduction in 1988. We are all aware of Gove’s changes: removing the coursework component; favouring […]

GCSE month – The New Role of the Parent

Sharon Cawley Conexus Tuition

This is it. They are finally here and they will come thick and fast. The GCSEs begin this week with some ‘biggies’ and for those of you who have reaped this whirlwind before will understand that this week is now a game changer. For months we have been locked in conflict regarding revision, ironically with […]