How to transition from teacher to a freelance earner

Sharon Cawley

How to transition from teacher to a freelance earner. The idea of leaving teaching and becoming your own boss, is often described as stepping off a cliff. If you think the floor will rise to meet you when you step off and the transition from a salary to a freelance, lucrative income will be smooth […]

Why we believe in the power or small group tuition

Small group tuition is a highly effective method of helping children to catch up in areas where they may have fallen behind, to consolidate key skills, or to extend their knowledge and understanding, in an environment that nevertheless allows them to collaborate with others, gain independence, and have the opportunity to practise skills and, crucially, […]

Give a child you know the gift of confidence this Christmas

Finding the right gift for a young person can be hit and miss at the best of times. What we consider an amazing present can often be met with disapproving looks. This Christmas, why not give the special young person in your life tuition vouchers? The vouchers are for sessions of tuition suitable for your […]

Why I am looking to go into business with impostors

I understand the concept of ‘impostor syndrome’ and to be frank, the criteria applies to me on many levels. Despite significant evidence to the contrary I am a successful business woman who always feels like, at any given time, someone will come along tap me on the shoulder and asked me to leave the room. […]