Angus – The Origin of Our Online Portal

Half-term Musings

It is seven years since I began Conexus Tuition and I always believe in reflecting upon the early days with gratitude and appreciation of have far we have come. One of the very first pupils through the door was Angus from Lymm High.

Angus was fabulous, extremely bright, ambitious and just a joy to be around, he needed some support in exam techniques. His successes at GCSE secured his place at Sixth Form in one of the most amazing schools in Manchester; I will never forget his Mum choosing to break the news that he had been accepted when she picked him up from Conexus because she wanted his maths and English tutors to share his joy.

When he was accepted at the London School of Economics and just blossomed year on year I followed him and then his nomination for the Labour Party Students, Vice Chair, Campaigns and Policy was just brilliant to hear.

Four years ago, the entire business went online with our portal. The note pads and backs of envelopes were banished and now we do everything online, but I chose to call our portal Angus, so every time I log on I can remember the joy of Angus and his parents and the difference a bit of support can make at the right time in a young person’s life.

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